When you love bikes like I love bikes you can't imagine anything more perfect than riding off into the sunset.

Well, that is figuratively meant. A relaxed day out on the bike is what I live for. Though I do ride daily, and have been doing so for nearly 35 years. When I was younger I thought that I needed a car. I still own one, I just know now that I don't need to ride it. At least not when I don't have to.

Most days I dodn't have to hop behind the driver's wheel.

Most days I have my handlebars in hand and my office clothes in the saddlebag.

I will soon be hitting the land of the retired. The location couldn't be any more perfect. I have lived in Florida for for nearly 30 years and couldn't imagine a better place to retire than here.

And as one journey comes to an end, a new one begins. I will also be getting married later this year.

Everything is falling into place!