I didn't think that I would ever be saying this, but it looks like I am getting hitched.

It isn't like I didn't have a man in my life, I've actually had a couple. But not one of them could keep up with me. Not on a bike, and not in life. I was a little bit of a quandary to them. I am a professional independent woman who is also strong. And that is a mix that will keep you single for a long time. At least in my case.

My ideal weekend has either consisted of taking the bikes out, or taking them apart.

For my profession, a lot of the guys that "ride" are the type that like to consider themselves experts. Then you start talking about how you just pulled the cylinder on your hobby bike (the one that you bought just to take apart, clean and put back together before you sell it) and their eyes glaze over. They are in over their head and the fact that you are a woman makes it worse. They realize how small their dicks are and you are a whole notch bigger than they are so it is time to hit the road. Figuratively, of course.

I think that I could have gone the rest of my life without getting married. After I hit forty and still didn't have a ring on my finger - at least not a wedding ring - I felt like a) it was too late b) it didn't matter.

And I think that is why our marriage, our wedding, now is so much more realistic. We were both happily single when we were that age. And now that we are both retired and our days in the dating pool are over it just seems right. And I can, for one, say that I am glad that it worked out like this.

Forty years ago when all of my friends were saying their vows I was getting crazy on the dance floor with the hot single guys that showed up to the wedding receptions.

If they were lucky I would take them for a ride and show them what real power between their legs felt like.

My soon to be husband understands that power and I think it turns him on as much as it does me. And that we can understand one another is an even bigger boon. He is retired, and I am going to finish out this year before I join the ranks of retirees here in Florida. But when that day comes we're planning on having a fitting wedding. We're going to do it small, among friends. Something that I watched some many of my long gone friends not do. They chose to have the huge wedding. One that was the size of a small African village or something. One that didn't really focus on the important aspects of a wedding.

I'll be honest with you, the important aspects are just now coming to me. I had known them all along, and I think that is another reason why I have spent the majority of my life single. Not alone, but single.

Me and my guy have talked about it over the course of our long courtship and we agreed on me proposing when the time was right with a simple gold band. Well, when it felt right I popped the question, it was a couple of weeks after he retired he said yes. I sort of expected that part though.

Then we got started.

When we started to look, yes we do it together, I was surprised at how expensive things can be just because they are supposedly for a wedding. So what if the glass also works at the wedding, I am not paying 300% for it just because you printed another word on the box. Sorry, I would rather shell out the money for having Ducati valve adjustments done. Both are money sunk in the sand, but at least the Ducati is a hell of a lot more fun.

I see these girls today, some of them are the daughters of my friends, and they pay a whole hell of a lot for the biggest day in their lives. Then they complain that this isn't right, or they wanted something else, and couldn't get it. Grow up. It is about making the bond for life, not on importing flowers from Hawaii.

For example we realized that even the things that go along with a wedding, bridal showers, receptions, what have you, they are so much more affordable. So we are going to having invitations intended for a wedding shower instead of actual wedding invitations. This should save us a dollar or more per invitation and they look the same, with the same quality. If it saves some for my first love; alright, my second, then we are all for it.

Getting married is a big commitment when you're young. I think the main reason is because you aren't sure what you are doing. And if it really is for you. Once you have a lifetime of commitments behind you the idea of staying committed to a single person is put into a lot more perspective.

And you realize that you don't need $500 bouquets for the bridesmaids (not having any anyways) and you can get married as you come. No need for an expensive designer dress, though I could totally rock one since riding a motorcycle keeps you fit.

For the wedding we're thinking that the ceremony can make the obvious references to the highway and the road of life.