Don't make this expensive mistake. My buddy decided that instead of all this garbage about paying people (I call them mechanics) for a valve adjustment he'd do it himself.

As you know this is an expensive part, the valve adjustments and if you know what you are doing I guess you could save, but DO NOT do it yourself desmodromic valve design systems (ones ducati use) are far more complex than other systems.

desmodromic valve design systems

What you need to do is check at a Ducati service how much they will want for the 25.000km service (valve adjustments) (he was paying $700 before, after he messed it up it was another $1000 for the fix). Ducati stated that these things had to be done around every 3000 miles, so the bike was always going in for something. The older bikes sure are nice but yes, if you ride a lot, it's going in sometimes two or three times a year. That can add up real fast.

For his Ducati it looked like this:

  1. Oil change every 3000
  2. valves every 6000

Newer engines can go 7500 between valve adjustments. No Duc requires valve adjustments every 3000, except maybe the very old bevels.

Parts are still a lot more expensive.

It all boils down to the depth of your wallet. Regular valve service is double what you would pay to service a japanese bike by a dealer.